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While looking for some inspiration on how to increase focus and engagement of my Python students (beginners to intermediate preliminary school children), I was looking for some interesting graphical examples on how algorithms works. Needless to say, the example needs to be simple enough to be explained to preliminary school children around age 13 and graphic part is needed as this is really something that works best with young peoples minds (and not only young :) )

This is how I come across the Chaos Game, an example of how simple algorithm can create beautiful shapes if enough iterations are…


Adoption of AI across all industries both private and public is growing rapidly, MLOps or Machine Learning Operations is one of the hot topics for 2020.

So what is exactly MLOps and how is it going to meet the growing need for AI adoption? To understand that, we need to go over what is Machine Learning and what is IT Operations.

Machine Learning

There is no single definition of ML. I’ve come across many. Just a couple of them to note:

“a tool for turning information into knowledge”,

“ enabling computers to tackle tasks that have, until now, only been carried out…

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Deep Learning models handles numerical data very well, after all Neural Network (NN) is function approximation. This means that no meter how bumpy the function is there is a NN which solves f(x) for any given x (or close approximation). Things gets bit more complicated when you try to feed non numerical data aka categories. Quick examples of those are colors, job names or even geographical places. Those are strings which simply NN can’t handle, it’s like meet for vegetarian, NO CAN’T DO.

This is when embedding comes handy.

Let’s begin with short reminder on what is Categorical type in…

This article describes how to configure cloud GPU environment for deep Learning. I’m using Vast.ai + Anaconda or miniconda + python 3.6 and tensoflow-gpu keras set up.

There are plenty of GPU cloud service providers out there, where you can take your deep learning model and train it. Some of them are cheaper the others and some of them are easier to set up.

Today I’d like to share with you a quick tutorial on how to set up conda/tensorflow/keras environment on vast.ai.

Miniconda is basically Anaconda environment only different is that Miniconda does not pre install python packages meaning…

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